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  • New Project at The Vintage Nearing Completion

    Here is a snap shot of the lower 'Native Australian' garden room of one of our large landscape projects currently underway at 'The Vintage' development near Rothbury, NSW, in the heart of the Hunter Valley vineyards. The project has been completely designed & constructed by Tom lantry's Total Garden Service & incorporates 3 descending levels of unique garden rooms.

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  • Testimonial – Landscape Design

    For: Jamie BACON designer Tom Lantry’s Total Garden Service, I was introduced to Jamie Bacon by Tom Lantry, owner of Tom Lantry’s Total Garden Service. Jamie’s task was to do a complete re-design of the back and side yards around my house which is on a ¼ acre block.  I gave him certain elements to include (i.e. all native plants, one area of grass, gravel areas, curved path, one garden in memoriam). He presented me with two beautifully ...

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  • New Website Under Construction

    Welcome to the new Tom lantry's Total Garden Service website. The website is currently under construction & we will be completing new features daily. Keep up to date with the latest news & gardening advice right here at

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