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  • June-Things to do this month in the garden

        Things to do in the month of June. Roses are looking their worst at this time of the year with hardly any leaves left on plant & with only minor rose flowers hanging on. If you live in a non frosted area I would start to prune roses in June but if you are in cold and frosted area I would suggest ...

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  • Rainy Hunter Valley Long Weekend

    Not much joy for the gardener this June long weekend with heavy rain across most of the Hunter Valley. Lawns & garden beds are well drenched, however this is a good time to check out how your property is handling storm water, where it is collecting & how well it is draining. This could provide you with valuable information on where problems are. Take plenty of photos of the troubled areas as reference & if you ...

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  • View our Portfolio Page

    Our new portfolio page is finally up & running. Here you will be able to view images of garden projects & landscape design samples. Tom lantry's total Garden Service would like to thank our wonderful clients for the use of their project images or designs.

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